Contemporary visual artists
 Lilia & Valentin Varetsa

fine art,  illustrations

Lilia Varetsa studied art at The Kharkov State University of Fine Art & Design where she received here BFA and MA degrees in Fine Art and Interior Design.
Lilia Varetsa has worked as a professional artist, illustrator and interior designer since 1976.She developed her painting and illustration skills in a variety of media including acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink and color lithography . During her career she has become known for a passionate love of fine art and a deep knowledge of art history.Her work has received numerous regional, national and international awards.With their strong sense of composition and color, her paintings always draw the viewer back again and again. Her images have been published as art prints, calendars, post stamps,children’s book illustrations, and greeting cards.Since the mid 1990’s, she has concentrated on children's picture books, fantasy book .
The fairy tale books with her illustrations are currently distributed in the Australia, other English language countries and  Europe.Her work has been widely exhibited and now are in  collections in the USA, France,the UK, Italy,and Australia.
It can also be found  at The National Museum of History &Culture Belarus, at the Fine Art Museum in Kiev , Ukraine,at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne and other corporate collections. 
Now Lilia is working out of her studio in Melbourne and looking forward to working with you on your next project!

Valentin Varetsa began his career as a professional artist, having studied at the Kharkov Academy of Fine Art,Ukraine and the St.Petersburg Academy of Fine Art,Russia . The passion for color and attention to intricate detail that earned him his Masters degree is evident in his work.He creates harmonious compositions with superbly balanced colors and shapes.Valentin’s work is a blend of colors, emotions and dreams.With dozens of personal exhibitions in Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, and Australia, Valentin has earned great respect as an artist.His illustrations can be seen in books, published throughout world. Some examples of Valentin’s work are the illustrations for the Random House Children's Treasure, The Children's Treasure Gift Set, Favourite  Bedtime Stories and The Hare and the Tortoise and other fables.
His work has appeared in many exhibitions, galleries and museums worldwide including; Fine Art Museum in Kiev,The National Museum of History &Culture Belarus, National Library of Belarus,National Library of USA,in Washington, USA and other museums and collections . Valentin prefers to use a variety of media. He uses acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache.
Valentin’s goals as a painter are clear when he says,” My appreciation of the world is always increasing and I enjoy sharing it with others through my artwork. My goal in each painting is to encourage the viewer to feel the emotions, struggles and triumphs of living free.”
Valentin continues to create original artwork from  his studio in Melbourne ,Australia and specially requested commissions. In addition to commission work, various sizes and selections of Varetsa’s previous artwork continues to be available in limited edition, framed, paper or canvas-style, prints.